Latest News from Afghan: Rich Emphasis on the Presence of Women and their Perspectives in the Peace Advisory Board

The Afghan women’s network, the President urged women in the active presence of all negotiations and conversations.

The President said in a statement that Ashraf Ghani, President Afghanistan dinner the previous day (21 October) in a consultative meeting with the Afghan women’s network about peace, has said that the presence of the representatives of the women and their perspectives on the Advisory Board of peace, it is essential.

Drkhbrnameh said that the meeting, which was held in the Presidential Palace, the torch, the head of the Afghan women’s network and the network staff member Mary Rahmani, the views and suggestions put forward about their peace, said that Afghan women have sustainable peace and in promoting a culture of peace, the role of Are active. They also urged the President that women in all the negotiations and conversations have an active presence, people are peace talks process specializes include achievements should not be sacrificed in the discussions.
A newsletter that adds an abundant presence of the then President of the broader women appreciated the process of parliamentary elections and said that an Advisory Board to the goal of peace talks and in the presence of the representatives of the women’s Board and their perspective is essential. For more information you can always contact Afghan forums.

Wealthy members of the Haqqani network, the Afghan women to their designs and specific suggestions regarding the peace talks, during a three-day presidential with a partner.

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