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Restrictions Imposed on Women by the Taliban in Afghanistan

The following list is a summary of the terrible life that lead Afghan women under the Taliban and cannot reflect the deep poverty and the suffering endured by women. The Taliban have more consideration for animals than for women. Indeed, while they declare illegal to keep the birds in a cage, they imprison women inside their own homes. According to the Taliban, women have no other role to play that to procreate, to satisfy the sexual needs of men or to tackle the housework. The jehadi fundamentalists, such as Gulbaddin, Rabbani, Masood, Sayyaf, Khalili, Akbari, Mazari and their criminal accomplice Dostum have committed the most heinous and the most treacherous crimes which are against Afghan women. And, while more and more areas fall under the control of the Taliban, even though the number of rapes and crimes against women down, the restrictions imposed by the Taliban – comparable to those that existed in the middle ages – will continue to destroy the spirit of women by depriving them of all human existence. We consider that the Taliban are more treacherous and more ignorant than the Mujahideen. According to Afghan women, “the Mujahideen killed us with guns and swords, while the Taliban are killing us with cotton.” Read more information about the Afghan Taliban.

The restrictions and brutalisations of the Taliban include:

1 – Total ban on women’s work out of homes, including teachers, engineers, and most of the professions. Only a few women doctors and nurses are allowed to work in a few hospitals in Kabul.

2 – The total prohibition of the activity of women out of homes if they are not accompanied by a mahram (male relative).

3 – The prohibition for women to deal with male merchants.

4 – The prohibition for women to be treated by a doctor man.

5 – The prohibition to go to school, University or any other educational organization. (The Taliban have converted schools for girls in seminars).

6 – The obligation to wear a long veil (Burqa), covering them from head to foot.

7 – Women who do not wear the veil or are not accompanied by a mahram are flogged, beaten and insulted.

8 – Women whose ankles are whipped in public.

9 – The public stoning of women accused of sex extra-maritales. (Many have been stoned to death).

10 – The ban to wear makeup. (Cut the fingers of many women with painted nails).

11 – The prohibition to speak or shake hands with men other than the mahram.

12 – The no-laughing audibly. (No stranger to the family should be able to hear the voice of a woman).

13 – The ban to wear shoes with heels, to not make noise when walking. (A man must not hear the footsteps of a woman).

14 – The ban taxis without a mahram.

15 – The prohibition to be present on the radio, on TV or at public events of any kind.

16 – Prohibition of sports or enter a club or a sports center.

17 – The ban on the bicycle or motorbike, even accompanied by a mahram.

18 – The ban to wear clothes in bright colors. The Taliban are of the opinion that it’s “colors that make the sex.”

19 – The ban to gather at festivals or on any recreational ground.

20 – Prohibition of washing clothes near rivers or in public.

21 – The change of all place names containing the word “women.” For example, “garden of women” has been renamed “Spring Garden”.

22 – The prohibition to appear on the balcony of their house or apartment.

23 – Obligation to paint all the windows, to avoid women to be seen from the outside.

24 – Ban for tailors men to take the measurements of a woman or her sewing clothes.

25 – The prohibition for women to bathe in public.

26 – The separation of men and women in public transport. The buses are marked “reserved for men” or “women only”.

27 – The ban to wear wide trousers, even under the burqa.

28 – Prohibition to photograph and film the women.

29 – Ban to print pictures of women in newspapers and books or hang on the walls of houses or shops.

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Apart from these restrictions on women, the Taliban:

-Forbidden to listen to music for men as for women.

-Forbidden to watch movies, TV and videos for everyone.

-Forbidden to celebrate the traditional new year (Nowroz) March 21, which was proclaimed non-Islamic holiday.

-Abrogated the labour day (May 1), which they have described as “Communist Party”.

-Required for people not wearing an Islamic name to change of name.

-Hairstyles for young afghans imposed.

-Required men to wear Islamic clothes and cover their heads.

-Demanded that men do not shave and don’t take not the beard so she gets not the width of a fist from the tip of the Chin.

-Required that everyone attends the five daily prayers in the mosques.

-Forbidden to keep pigeons and play with the birds, because it is a non-Islamic attitude. Troublemakers will be imprisoned and killed the birds. He is also barred to the kite.

-Required of viewers of sports events that they encourage in incantant Allah-o-Akbar (God is great) and forbade the applause.

-Banned some games, like the kite, considered “UN-Islamic” by the Taliban.

-Any person in possession of objectionable writings will be executed.

-Every Muslim who will be converted to another religion will be executed.

-All school children and (male) students must wear a turban. “No turban, no education”.

-Non-Muslim minorities must wear a distinctive badge or sew a piece of yellow cloth on their clothes. Just like the Nazis demanded Jews.



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