USA Cannot Win the War in Afghanistan

The Pentagon does not fight to win the war in Afghanistan, but to avoid giving the impression that the United States lost it, said Brian Becker of the Answer Coalition.

The Ambassador of Afghanistan to the United States said that Afghan forces should be able to deal with the Taliban threat themselves by 2020. Here you will find some more Afghan War News.

However, the Pentagon continues to consider to send additional troops. General Joseph Votel, Commander of CENTCOM, said recently that he expected an increase in the number of troops in Afghanistan.

“We are developing a strategy and discussed with the Secretary and the Department at the moment,” he said to the Senate armed services Committee. “I believe that this will involve the deployment of additional forces to be able to make our mission Board and more effective assistance.

The real problem is that the United States cannot win the war. The Pentagon knows that he cannot win the war. He fights more to win the war. He is fighting to give the impression that he has not lost the war. More and more young Americans–soldiers, marines… are sent to Afghanistan. Some will be killed; others will be injured; many Afghans will die. This is the strategy. There is no light at the end of this tunnel. Follow Afghanistan online discussion forums and get informed about all happenings.

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